Sunday, October 17, 2010

I ♥ cake - wife cakes

Wife cakes (aka 老婆餅 - Loh Poh Peng) are a traditional Chinese pastry made with a very flaky dough, filled with a paste of sweetened winter melon. There are quite a few variants to the recipe, and having taken a class at Wing Wah Bakery a few months ago to learn the tricks of the trade, I couldn't wait to get some more practice at home.

Wife cakes

 I made some changes to the basic recipe we were given (like, making the oil dough with lard instead of vegetable shortening) and found a recipe for the filling that included toasted sesame and dessicated coconut on top of the melon, which I thought would be more tasty... et voilà !! Obviously this needs more practice on the layering of the pastry and the filling, but for a first try I am quite happy it did not turn out to be a complete disaster. I gobbled one I had just popped from the oven (and burned my tongue in the process... greedy Froggie) and they are quite tasty! I will definitely try using fresh winter melon to make the filling next time.

The main ingredient in the filling: candied winter melon

Oil dough (made with lard) and water dough (made with butter), split

Wife cake, brushed with egg wash and sprinkled with sesame, ready to pop into the oven

Bake for about 20mn, until the egg wash browns nicely

Wife cakes, freshly baked and ready for "beautification" for the final shot :-)

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